“Provide on-site Maintenance Services that will exceed our client’s expectations at the best possible value. To
continue to build upon the belief that quality and reliability still count.”

Combined with our experience and commitment to providing professional services, our proactive approach to maintenance will ensure that your property and assets are protected and maintained. A support system for our clients that need certified technicians to complete projects, avoiding the hassle of calling expensive mechanical maintenance companies.

We employ different levels of Technicians and Specialists to meet your needs.

General Technician – General maintenance, change light bulbs, paint, light plumbing, repair of fixtures, power wash, rebuild flush valves, light electrical maintenance and HVAC experience.

Senior Technician (HVAC Certified) – 5-10 years of HVAC experience, excellent trouble shooting skills, electric skills, plumbing skills and light construction.

Master Technician – HVAC, plumbing, electrical controls, excellent trouble shooting skills, able to read plans and schematics with over 10 years of experience.

Services Offered:
  • Respond to or direct emergency calls
  • Inspection of safety systems such as fire alarms, Interior Sprinkler systems, Emergency exit lights / exit doors
  • Regular exceptions / repairs of life safety systems must be repaired by a licensed and qualified contractor
  • Inspect, repair, and maintain lighting fixtures
  • Inspect, repair, and maintain plumbing and plumbing fixtures
  • Inspect, repair, and maintain HVAC systems in good working order by our Certified HVAC Tech assuring the regular preventive maintenance is being performed
  • Inspect building and repair violations of building code
  • Inspect building, common areas, parking lots, and walkways to identify and repair potential safety hazards
  • Inspect roof for potential problem areas; check roof drains, check roof hatches, check all drain baskets
  • Vacant suites will be fully inspected and or prepped for new client occupancy, If something needs special Attention we will notify the landlord/building manager
  • Maintain proper building signage including; parking areas and directional signs
  • Inspect, maintain and repair blinds, if unable to repair we will recommend replacement to the landlord/building manager
  • Inspect and maintain appearance and function of fences
  • Inspect and maintain locks throughout the building
  • Perform electrical lighting maintenance to include tube, bulb, and ballast replacement
  • Perform preventative maintenance on all equipment as specified through preventive maintenance, work orders, and school dude
  • Maintain a clean cut and uniform appearance according to the nature of the job
  • Schedule annual, bi-annual, or monthly building inspection
  • Maintenance inspection of property
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