Data Driven Quality Assurance Program

Stand Alone Quality Control Audits, Processes, and Benchmarking

People We Work With

Centaur's Quality Assurance Program is unique in that we don't have the "Fox Guarding the Hen House." The Quality Control Representative assigned to a project reports directly to the President of the Company- not the Operations Team.

Centaur's approach to quality is based on a pro-active system of regular inspections and reporting by a member of the Quality Assurance Team. Each facility we serve benefits from consistent and thorough quality audits that are conducted with the client and can be scheduled to meet the unique needs of any environment. As part of the client care experience, a Quality Assurance Representative will meet regularly with the client contact to provide an independent inspection report on the facility's cleanliness, adherence to work specifications, and the overall rating of our performance.

The Quality Assurance Department is separate from the Operations Team, reporting directly to the President of the Company. As a result, inspections are unbiased and based on true observations and factual findings. Once the inspection is completed, an electronic report is sent to the client, Centaur senior management and the operations department.