President's Page

Janine Joubert-Dulay


Never have I been so proud to be involved in something so exciting, fulfilling and life changing. It's my belief that each of us has a responsibility to make a positive impact while on this earth; that is certainly what we are doing here at Centaur Building Services.

We make a difference in the lives of our employees every day!

We provide opportunities for our employees when others may not recognize their potential.

We make a difference in the lives of our clients by providing stellar customer service and quality assurance that is second to none.

We provide greatly needed services and support to our community through volunteerism, educational funding and charitable contributions.

Francois P. Joubert believed in the principals on which the foundation of this company is built. As we move into the future, I'm honored to carry on the legacy created by my father, an immigrant, missionary, visionary and humanitarian. We invite you to come and grow with us.

Janine Joubert-Dulay, President